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Join us in our journey towards a more balanced life.






Susan Sontag



As mothers-wives-career women, we both face challenges with spreading ourselves too thin between family, careers, spirituality, wellness, etc.  Self care is usually last on the list or not at all.  Realizing that taking time for ourselves in order to reflect, refresh, and renew is a necessity.  A "getaway" even if for the day or a few moments in time is the perfect way for us to maintain balance and mental clarity which in turn benefits other areas of our lives. Each "getaway" allows us to create experiences filled with adventure, self-discovery and personal growth.  

In my personal journeys toward more balanced lives, I realize that the support of like minded women who encourage and celebrate each other is critical, so I started a Facebook Group called Not Just a Getaway. The organic growth of this community was the confirmation needed to take Not Just a Getaway to the next level and create not only a company but a movement that is "bringing balance to life."  NJAG's mission is to empower women to manage life’s challenges, incorporate self-care, and improve their lifestyle and quality of life with the help of the 3Rs - Reflect, Refresh, & Renew.  

Join us in the journey today!  


6000 Stewart Parkway #5935
Douglasville, GA 30135

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