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The Fourth Annual Girls “Wine” Out Was Not Just a Get Away…It Was a Lifeline!

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Uncategorized |October 4, 2017

Creator of Girls Wine Out and Not Just a Get Away Tekeya Priester and Actress, Director and Producer Terri Vaughn

Creator of Girls Wine Out and Not Just a Get Away Tekeya Priester and Actress, Director and Producer Terri Vaughn

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ” This is giving me life?” right? Well this is exactly what I have to say about my weekend wine down! It gave me life!! The 4th Annual “Girls Wine Out” was held at the beautiful Chateau Elan Winery & Resort. Organized and created by the founder of “Not Just a Getaway” Tekeya Priester, It was a personable event with only a select few spots to create an intimate, open and peaceful space for the guests. Seen below in the photo when asked what inspired her to start the Girls Wine Out she said after giving her love, attention, energy, and time to everyone else, she realized she was no longer loving herself. She decided to do something about it and took a girls get away weekend but little did she know, this would be the start of something so big. These women are definitely living a settlefree life! They didn’t settle for stuck, they chose success!

Founder of Not Just a Get Away and Girls Wine Out Tekeya Priester.

I am all about anything that has to do with making women better and providing us with tools to do so and Girls Wine Out did just that. The agenda consisted of several powerhouse women blazing the trail, Actress and Producer known for her role on The Steve Harvey show as Secretary Lovita Terri Vaughn, Author of “The Divorce That Saved My Life Dr. Sonja Stribling PHD, Extreme Weight Loss Season 4 cast member and make up artist Brandi E, Business Coach T Renee Smith, and Ms Nickee Mack Runway trainer and Make Up Artist. The event was hosted by one amazing power house comedian and host on TV ONES new show Sister Circle Kinana Dancie seen below in the photo dressed in red. ( This chic is funny! LOL) She is not just a comedian she’s an influencer, a motivator and living proof that when God is talking to you, you have got to listen!! She spoke on how she had plans to leave Ga and move back to LA but God said STAY! All I can say is “Aren’t you glad you stayed Kiana?” ! She was obedient! She was matter fact with the things she was asking God to do and she reaped what she sowed. Her hosting was the bomb and her testimony was very powerful!

Comedian and host on TV ONES new Sister Circle Kinana Dancie seen here with Vendor of Pink Zebra

We laughed, we cried we laughed some more and we ate good all while being provided with some nuggets of wisdom from Business Coach and Author of the book “Metophors” T Renee Smith. (You have got to order her book, she has had quite an inspiring journey for real for real!) I was blown away and I would have never thought she would have gone on a journey like this but her delivery was one of the most uplifting ones I have heard in a while. You see this is what it’s all about, using what you have to uplift others who need it. Giving hope to those who may be hopeless and who feel there is NO way out of their mess, oh but there is! Dr. Renee is living proof of this! Seen pictured with me below, T Renee Smith.

T Renee Smith Author of the book Metaphors.

Dr Sonja Stribling PHD and Author of ” The Divorce That Saved My Life” Did a mini skit which broke it all the way down of the maturity level men are REALLY getting in the women they are pursuing. Example: Are you getting the 15 year old unhealed version of the woman? Are you able to deal with her and all her baggage? Even though it’s her responsibility to take the time to really heal, men must be willing to embrace that some women simply have scars and they just might now be able to pretend for the sake of the relationships success!

Dr Sonja Stribling PHD Author of the book The Divorce That Saved My Life. Yes I’m an Author Buying a Book from Another Author!

Are you overwhelmed in life? Do you have visions and dreams that you can’t seem to find the time to nurture? Do you need not just a get away but a life changing experience? I strongly suggest you connect with Tekela Priester and plan to be at the next one in 2018. See many of us have so much talent and we have things we should be doing in our life in order to evolve to the next level in life, but the problem is…. There are too many distractions hindering us from our greater purpose. Girls Wine Out gave women who have been wanting to grow but they struggle with how to do it a voice of reasoning to apply to their life and begin to not just take care of everyone around them, but take care of themselves!

Me with Brandi Mallory from The Biggest Loser.

Actress, Director and Producer Terri Vaughn most known for her role as secretary Lovita on the Steve Harvey Show, came out to empower and uplift the guests. She spoke passionately about the importance of positive good tv which is why she chose to wear her producer hat and start making her own tv shows and movies. Ithink this is just fantastic and we need more like her! I had the chance to sit down briefly with Terri a few minutes before she was set to speak and she’s a breath of fresh air. What a fun spirited lovely person she is. I enjoyed our chat. See clip below.

Me and Actress and Producer Terri Vaughn

Make sure you follow Not Just a Get Away on Instagram and Face Book to stay up to date with what’s next. If you’re in need of a mental get away filled with love, laughter and sisterhood,this was definitely a must do experience and I sure hope you all sign up for the next, one in 2018. I sure plan to!

Tinzley is a Relationship Coach who coaches women on living the life that they deserve, and no longer settling for less!


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